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Hopeful Towns: BID-BUILDER


Our 2020 Towns Index report, Understanding Community Resilience in Our Towns, demonstrated a range of different correlations, between community resilience and other external factors. The chart below shows one example. It reveals that places with higher arts engagement and participation tend to have more liberal attitudes to migration and diversity.

These insights may be useful in helping to bid for funding, because they let you demonstrate why your local context may create vulnerability for resilience and cohesion. You can read the report in full by clicking the first button. And you can look at the clusters which the towns in your area fall into using the second button.


The third button links to other HOPE not hate research which may be useful.

Towns index.PNG

The other scatters are also available as standalone PDFs in the table below, if you wanted to include them within a bid or proposal. They do not necessarily show causation but they do show clear correlations - some of which are very stark.

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